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Cheryl Driskell
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486 days ago

Dear Ellen,

Bullying occurs at all ages....

My partner and I would like to share with you a song and video

that represents in our own way our contribution to helping end

this pattern of violence that persists in all areas of life.

It was written through tears... in memory of someone beautiful

who couldn't take the harassment anymore.

Big Hugs to each of you for your great work!

Cheryl and Deneece :) :)

"Stand Up and Live" is a song for the Soul with an R n' B flow, meant to encourage those who have hit the walls of injustice and/or exhaustion (through bullying, harassment, discrimination, etc.) and spark movement forward to hope and endurance.

"Hope will find you again... take a step forward, 'cause someone is in your corner, heading right to you!"

"Stand Up and Live" Video:

MP3 downloads of Stand Up and Live/Lève-toi et vis are available on iTunes, CDbaby.
Thank-you! Merci!

Written by Cheryl Driskell and Denyse Marion (Deneece) of Ottawa-Gatineau; two women who have chosen to inspire through their music by writing Songs for the Soul. Performed by Deneece and produced by Peter Ranallo of Woodshed Studios in Montreal.
©2013 Stand Up and Live/Lève-toi et vis by C. Driskell and D. Marion