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Cheryl Chyla
Name Cheryl Chyla
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Hobbies Music, photography, songwriting,art, home decorating, guitar, drums, bass guitar.
About Me Self taught musician living in Buellton, CA. Originally from Milwaukee WI...moved to Santa Barbar in 1971. Graduated High School from Katy Perrys Alma mater attend some college but mow disabled with Parkinsons now for 5 years. In these five years have been trying to keep busy and using my hand coordination as much as possible. Do home music recording on Garage Band as I had to sell a lot of my music gear, guitars included. Am a housewife to my parter Sandra for 15 years but have known each other since 1968 in Milwaukee WI. She teaches Culinary Arts at Santa Barbara City College and has been there for 24 years as a teacher. Lucky for me cause I do not like to cook!!! I consider myself lucky with all my hobbies and lovely wife.
Cheryl Chyla
Shake It Down!
588 days ago

Good song...great , happy song! I want Vances' RICKENBACKER!