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Cheryl Castillo
Name Cheryl Castillo
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Hobbies Spending time with my kids, cooking, sewing, and of course watching Ellen
About Me I am currently enrolled in school, majoring in Business Administration. I have four wonderful children, Donovan 24, Marcellus 23, Samantha 19, and Sean 15 and a daughter-in-law Tasha 24. Donovan and Tasha just blessed me with a grandson Trey who was born Dec 10, 2012. We currently live in SC and hope to move back to CA soon. I am prior military. Served almost 10 years in the Army and was medically retired in March 2011.
Cheryl Castillo
Shutterfly, Changing Lives
545 days ago

Ellen i just watched the show about Sh' Shonda and just wanted to say she is a wonderful woman. I started crying with joy for the family. God bless you and all you do for people. God truly blessed us with you. I know what she is talking about. I struggled bringing up my four kids by myself. I didn't have family to support me and my kids. My kids are mixed and that was a huge no no with my family, but I managed to raise them without any help and they are wonderful. I recently became a new grandmother of a beautiful boy. He is just amazing. I love you Ellen and keep doing what you do, making us laugh and having fun.