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Cheryl Berthiaume
Name Cheryl Berthiaume
Location Oxford, Massachusetts
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Hobbies Grandsons, crocheting
About Me I am a stay at home Meme. I have been married to my husband Mark for 31 years. I have two adult children and three grandsons. We ALL live together.
Cheryl Berthiaume
Message from Ellen
114 days ago

Wow I actually got a message from Ellen. I got the chills when I saw it MY e-mail..2 weeks ago I got a call from Lindy Faust from the Dr. Phil show. I'm a stay at home Meme. So these little things from YOU celebrity people make my little world feel BIG. I'm looking forward to Sophia Grace & Rosie. When I saw them the first time on your show with Nikki Manag ( sorry for misspellings) they made my day. I told everyone if your having a bad day, watch these two little girls..They WILL make you do YOU ELLEN..I actually watched an older video of you yesterday talking to Gladys about moving the plant with spikes from behind you. LMFAO... She has a sip of the juice..if you would like to call & brighten ( shock the $?) Out of me, my number is 774-633-0790. Home ALLLLLL day. Dr. Phil show did...

Cheryl Berthiaume
Gallery of the Week: Some Kitty is Watching You
118 days ago

On March 24, 2014 there was a FIVE alarm fire in our town of Oxford Massachusetts. " Tyler" was a Maine Coon cat. He died in the fire. His owner ,Jared Newell, had Tyler in his arms but the cat got spooked by ALL the commotion and jumped out of Jared' s arms back into the apartment building. The Firefighters wouldn't let Jared go back to get him. I've been trying to send Ellen a picture of Tyler. I'm not sure if she received it. RIP TYLER.....