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Cheryl Sullivan
Name Cheryl Sullivan
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Hobbies Tatting, sewing,all kinds of crafts
About Me I watch your show all the time because it takes my mind off of my cancer. I have Lymphone . That's cancer of the blood. My husband had cancer surgery in 2010 and I found about my cancer last winter in 2012. I sit here watching your show and wonder how I'am going to make to the hospital this winter. We get alot of snow in N.H and I have and old pick up truck and it's not 4 wheel drive. We are looking for a used car front wheel drive or all wheel drive that we can afford but we just don't have enough money. I can't belive how much money they want for used cars. I come a large family. I grew up with ten brothers and two sisters.
Cheryl Sullivan
Catch Up with Ellen's Boyfriend, Tayt
281 days ago

I loved the show when your boyfriend Tayt was on your show. When I was watching you and Tayt I was crying. I will pray for Tayt. Ellen you are a wondfull person.