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Nicki Minaj Gets Special Ellen Underwear
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Ellen I am a 57 year old handiecap in a elect.wheelchair.My health has got worse and now thay are making me a whole new wheelchair.The only way I have to get around is the van that takes me to the Doctor.I have noway of getting around.I am at home all the time.I have a 79 year old mother that lives with me to.We watch your show ever day.I have a 16 year old son.All he knows is used clothers just like the rest of us.Mother has always wonted to see you.But her health can not make the trip.We can verly make ends meet.But if you can call us it would be nice.We live at 51 Quail Run Lane Bigelow Arkansan 72016.Phone number 5012151350.God Bless you all.Cheryl VanZant.