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Name Cheryl
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Hobbies watching tv, going to beach, and trying to climb out of a bad year
About Me I have been unemployed and struggling for over a year. I've been thrown in a homeless shelter, displaced from my home, separated from my beloved animals, wrecked my car, and I'm tired of being hungry as food stamps haven't come in yet and i barely make enough money to keep a roof over my head. That's my main focus right now. I have a job, but i'm continuing to look for something better. this has been the worst year. I still try to keep my humor in play, and I will crawl out of this, and I'm truly looking forward to getting my own place. Because low income apartments with 4 roommates and one bathroom is a very frustrating place to be. So I'm consumed with all of that right now, and that's all I can give you about me. At a later date, I'll give a better answer. I do have a BS Degree major in biology and am having the hardest time finding a viable job. Noone is helping me, so I'm a lone fighter in this. Ellen gives me a laugh everday which is very rare, because I don't laugh out loud very often. So thanks Ellen for making at least an hour a day better for me.