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Name Cheryl
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Hobbies watching tv, going to beach, and trying to climb out of a bad year
About Me I have been unemployed and struggling for over a year. I've been thrown in a homeless shelter, displaced from my home, separated from my beloved animals, wrecked my car, and I'm tired of being hungry as food stamps haven't come in yet and i barely make enough money to keep a roof over my head. That's my main focus right now. I have a job, but i'm continuing to look for something better. this has been the worst year. I still try to keep my humor in play, and I will crawl out of this, and I'm truly looking forward to getting my own place. Because low income apartments with 4 roommates and one bathroom is a very frustrating place to be. So I'm consumed with all of that right now, and that's all I can give you about me. At a later date, I'll give a better answer. I do have a BS Degree major in biology and am having the hardest time finding a viable job. Noone is helping me, so I'm a lone fighter in this. Ellen gives me a laugh everday which is very rare, because I don't laugh out loud very often. So thanks Ellen for making at least an hour a day better for me.
Bethenny Discusses Her Divorce
552 days ago

My heart sunk when Bethenny was crying stating she felt she let people down due to her divorce. I've watched Bethenny for a lont time on her shows. She capitvated me from the moment I saw her. I have a lot to say, but I'll keep it short. One memory I have is when she graciously invited the ladies to go surfing. The look on Bethenny's face when she had to pay for everyone was devestating to me. She is such a lovely, wonderful, spunky, driven woman and to be treated like that upset me. Then to hear her say she let people down, that girl. I found myself more inspired by her. A comment like that demonstrates her passion for people, the drive she has to want to inspire others, and reveals a human side we all have. I'm not in the public eye. Bethenny, your strength you have, especially that day, is a virtual strength people like me can grab on to and hold it close to our hearts. I can pull from you when I'm in a bad way, and believe me, I've been homeless living in a shelter for a while. I've had a bad year. But someone who displays such an inner strength with a human component pulls me up a little. I'm so proud of you for what you revealed, and the iron-woman way you handled yourself. For what it's worth, you're a Superstar to me and always will be. If i had a DVD and TV, I would be purchasing your DVD's. There's only one other person I can cling to their every word because they fascinate and inspire me. You and Maya Angelou. I'm not a stalker, gay, or crazy. I just haven't had many people in my life who have impacted me so much. If you knew a little bit about you, you'd see how important that statement is. Please don't believe you let anyone down by this. People are going to form their opinions and love to have someone to beat up on. You've taken more than your fair share of hits. If people are offended by what happened, that's something within them, not you. They don't have approval about themselves. For what it's worth, you inspire me, could never let me down, and I look forward to seeing more successes in your life which you know are coming. There's no words in our language to fully describe how positive your life is. You're awesome, people are fortunate to have you in their lives. If I was with you, I would remind them of that fact everyday. You truly are amazing, strong, driven, have a lot of passion, and a huge heart. Keep focusing on that, and you, my dear star, will continue to rise and shine. Bethenny, you're the best. Thank you for wanting to share your experiences with a person like me. You give me strength to carry on through the worst year of my life. Thank you again. I'm proud of ya!!