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Message from Ellen
549 days ago

Happy Early Birthday Ellen! <3 You are very like my daughter. She asks for presents and has her birthday for a week. She just loves her birthday. Me, I don't celebrate mine. If you don't have a birthday you don't get a year older. : ) I did have to become 39 instead of 29 but that is as high as I am willing to go, age wise!! Best wishes and have the best week!!

cherie lyon
Card Trick from Home!
563 days ago

the string in the neck...creepy... the card trick and that lady not having it work...priceless!!! Thanks for the laugh!! : )

cherie lyon
Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
582 days ago

Dear Santa Ellen,
If you have one Rosetta Stone at the end of the day would you please consider sending it my way.
It is all I want and need. I appreciate your considering my request. Thank you!

cherie lyon
Win All the Prizes from Day 7 of 12 Days!
588 days ago

I am so sad I didn't win the rosetta stone. But I am sure the people above are very deserving to win. Thank you for the opportunity to enter for the above prizes. We all appreciate all you do .
Happy Holidays Ellen!