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Cher DeKraker
Name Cher DeKraker
Location Wyoming, MI
Age 57
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About Me I love to watch you for all the fun and laughter and the fact that you will reach out and "touch" someone at a whim. I love to watch Sandra for the same reason. You two are my idols. When I grow up, I want to be just like u two! :)
Cher DeKraker
Another Round of Weekly Tweets
646 days ago

Would just die to see you and Sandra Rinomato together on your show. Can you make that happen? I have watched you forever and never miss your show! Watching you now with Joel Mchale. Can you follow me?

Cher DeKraker
Ellen's Inbox
653 days ago

Please invite Sandra Rinomato to be a guest on your show and play a great game with you. She is the former host of HGTV's Property Virgins and new host of HGTV Canada's Buy Herself. She considers you her idol and would love to meet you. An avid dog lover and advocate of all things earth! She is involved in so many charities, I wouldn't have room to list them all.
Please, Please invite her.