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Chemyn "CeeCee" Avens
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About Me I am a 49 year old Mother and wife who has not too long ago lost my job as a Unit Secretary in the hospital here in Richmond,Va. I love my kids and would give them anything they want if they do as they are suppose to and if it is in my budget. I have 4 boys, 3 which are grown men now, one with his own family, one in the Navy, and one who has just moved out earlier this year, and I have my one and only 13 year old at home with me now and I am unable to get him anything for Christmas. My husband is working, but by the time he pays all of the bills in the home he has very little to use while working for lunch or for gas in the car. We've never had to struggle like this and it is heartbreaking.I am an only child and my husband has a sister and a brother. but I have no one to help me with this situation. If you can please help me. Thank You So Much.