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Chelsie. Noland
Name Chelsie. Noland
Joined 424 days ago
Hobbies Volly ball watching Ellen,WATCHING Liam Neeson movies ....Anyone working with rescue animals everything,dreaming of beaches.and all the beautiful places I'd lve to travel to, playing with my puppy. Listening to blues.biking on long flat trails ,talk to my mom almost daily .
About Me This has been the hardest time of my life, as I'm sure for many dealing with so much economically and in my personal life,I use to be so patient and extend myself I'm just so tired , I no longer have the time or energy for forced interactions unessesary conversations and meaningless friendships or the tolerance level for stupidity, and I've had a hard lesson and road to now learning and clearly see that not all love is good and all obedience holy, complete change is needed , some sunsets ,some kindness to be found in this world ,after many delusions and pain, many of the health issues have effected my nervousness system and it's even difficult for me to write,literally like a sentence, my mom has said to me some thing good is around the corner , I'm turning a lot of them but I'm so very tired ,and the time in my life I have, I just want peace ,but I keep running into demanding energy ldraining people who have to basically be begged to just go away, so I can have some peace, I've just given so much I have nothing left, my batteries are dead, I love watching ellen and getting re energized with smiling dancing and laughter , it makes me see there are still nice kind people in the world, ,With my work I have sacrificed all my holidays personal life bent over backwards for people who never truly understood these life sacrifices or ever kept there own word regarding promises , disappointed and heartbroken when I just lve people too much,, get this girl to rum cake and a beach I need water and serenity ) and principle employer with a gazillions homes but only is there part time lol ) back up plan just to move any place I can find balance in my life so I can have a life,,,,,,,,,,,,h Domestic queen , I am house manager as someone said (" ONE. TIRED BUTLER ") lol caretaker housekeeper, Cinderella still waiting for the ball, ,,,??. started culinary school but could not afford to finish its so expensive did you know financial aid you must go to school full time wich is impossible with other responsibilities even when you are young you so etimes ahve to work to pay for your living expenses in these programs , I wish they would change this more moms would go to school,I'm not a mom but u get what I'm saying ,give loans to student who go part time,? Parents family all far away in az haven't seen them for a long time, very sad BUT not when I dance in the morning when I watch ellen ...
Chelsie. Noland
Run, Ellen, Run
11 days ago

Loved the Dian Keaton I have the jkent on all the time now red wine and ice yum
I got my cd a few weeks ago dancing to the jams I love it can't wait for volume two I listen to it two to three times a day and the first so g always makes me want to go the it shopping ,,,m good time ahhhhh . But it puts me Ina. Great mood and motivates me to dance and work ,,, thanks for happy elllen can't wait for cd 2

Chelsie. Noland
From the Audience with Love
25 days ago

..Happy July! It's hard to believe that the year is already halfway over.
Have already forgotten New Years resolutions. Now have half year resolution . Lolo loved this segment

Chelsie. Noland
HGTV Cousins Home Makeover Reveal
25 days ago

Wowowowow wow amazing ,

Chelsie. Noland
Quotes of the Week
27 days ago

We LOVVVVVV pink .... So funnnnnnn

Chelsie. Noland
Ashton Surprises Mama
30 days ago

I love it.... Hilarious ee so funny I want to play it over and over mama is the one making me laugh when she said in not looking at u,,,, and the fact that he's wearing those loafers. And but naked ,,, so funnyyyyyyy BLAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Chelsie. Noland
Nicki Minaj on 'American Idol'
30 days ago

I loved watching this the first time second time lol loved when she was trying o smell the perfume on the men , and this great thing ellen undies

Chelsie. Noland
Quote of the Day: Miley Opens Up About Liam
37 days ago

I love this episode ,,, gve me a list of books and music u like and what inspires u ,grow grow she has such a beautiful voice

Chelsie. Noland
Ellen's Amazing Kid Moments of the Year… and R5 Performs!
56 days ago

Love that kid Elias pheonix funnyyyyyy

Chelsie. Noland
Shutterfly Stocks a Deserving School's Pantry
101 days ago

Awesome encouragement for those girls amen to that , keep up the awesome generosity and caring Gabbie and Alice , hope to see them on the show again

Chelsie. Noland
NeNe Leakes Talks 'Dancing with the Stars'
110 days ago

I love that she said O M G because that's what I was thinking I love those bling shoes need the glasses the earrings and those hip shoes I'm size 8.5. Ready ,, where would I wear that perfect ENSMBLE. Love t

Chelsie. Noland
Quote of the Day: Rosie's Loose Tooth
114 days ago

I lved that they haven't changed

Chelsie. Noland
The Incredible Animal Expert Brandon McMillan
126 days ago

Thank for having Brandon on the show , I love this , really helped people be aware of how many little animals that need our love die each year, they are all like little angels and bring so much love and joy to us, its so sad, I want to take them all. We need lots of people to be aware of rescuing animals and shelters ,

Chelsie. Noland
Ellen's Been Yelped
148 days ago

, actually I'm not thinking of u when I'm peeing its when I see that mess all over the toilet lol that those ladies are leaving its like they are circle ing on purpose , Laughing my ,,,,butt off thanks for years of laughing I never go pee without thinking about the skit u did about woman missing toilet, so funny

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