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Chelsea Buck
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Hobbies sports, teaching, learning, family, friends, movies, my puppy! Trying all kinds of new things :)
About Me I am 24 years old. I teach at a small rural school in Northern Maine. I have been married for a year and a half. I really am a fortunate person. I have very close friends and family that surround my life that I respect and look up to.
Chelsea Buck
Shutterfly's Kindness Week
516 days ago

I know that the kick in the kindness week is over, but I was gone on vacation last week and didn't get to watch my recorded shows until this week!!! I didn't want that to stop me though!! I have a brother-in-law that I think deserves some recognition for his great deed :) Basically what happened was 3 years ago Josh (my brother-in-law) had to go pick up a dump truck in Delaware. We live in Northern Maine and our family farms potatoes for a living. We needed a truck for the business. Anyways...We got the truck in and they were cleaning it all up. Josh was in there (19 years old at the time) and came across a wallet. The wallet was full of $800!!! Right away he tried calling the guy's work. Whenever he called he could not get a hold of the guy or the messages weren't getting to him. If Josh was talking to someone else he didn't tell them about the wallet full of cash, because it didn't want to just send it down to just anyone who would want to steal it. So basically he kept calling every once and a while for 3 YEARS!!!! Finally just on the first week of February the man finally called back! Josh now at the age of 22 sent in the wallet with absolutely everything in it, all $800 worth! He just kept it in his room on his dresser for 3 years! I wanted to send it to you, because even though it was nice to have the article written about the situation they never really mentioned Josh's name in it. I feel like it is important to really express how unusual this situation is, and how his actions are very honorable! I will send the article along with this message. Also, I know that you usually require people to write about how maybe we are struggling. I just wanted to add that even though we are farmers and just trying to break even each year. We are a very blessed family. We always seem to make ends meet. But that being said we work hard for it and it isn't "spoon fed" for us. But basically I just want to say that we really have everything we need. A very, very loving, honest, reliable family. That is what I truly believe gets us through each year :) (As you can see by the actions of Josh Buck, for a perfect example) My husband and I just got married a year and a half ago and we are always saying how thankful we are for having great families on both sides! So fortunate! I truly believe that being surrounded by people like this really makes you a happier, more loving, respectable, and caring person. So basically, I wanted to send this in, because Josh has never asked for anything not even recognition for his actions, and it was actually my idea to send this in for him! I would really appreciate it if you could do something for him! Even if it was just to mention this story on your show, just to say that there are still real, reliable, honest people out there!! I think he really deserves that :)

Here is the article: