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Charlotte Levy
Name Charlotte Levy
Location Barrhead, canada
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Hobbies I generly like to keeo fit, eat healthy. I love to scrap book,garden, camp and love to travel
About Me Iam a momma of five beautiful children and also One Angel daughter.I loss My daughter 13 years ago. I been raising a blended family for 10 years. Its been a great struggle with many diffrent rising occations that came our way. I am so greatful for being with a great man. My Stewart. We met back in 2002,he had become a singal father to 3 children at young ages,3,6,10. Just as I was a singal mom who I recently moved from one province to start a better start for my 4 year old son.Stewart and I met at a local Pizza place, were I was a waitress. I work very hard did that and flip burgers at A&W. Just to make ends meet for my Son Gage. When I met Stewart, I clearly belive it was ment to be. At the moment he was having a bad day and wasnot to happy but later that night we eneded up meeting up a local club,seeing that It was my birthday. Stewart and I danced all night long. We abslulty could not keep each others eyes off, each other. The funny thing was I acsully had a prier date, and some firends were trying to set Stewart up with another singal women there. That did not turn out. At one point I was raunnig out of the club after my so called bf and Stewart was running after me. So you could imagine how funny that looked(haha) Few weeks past and soon enough Stewart and I started seeing eather instently. He swept me off my feet taking me to the movies and dinner. Hanging out with all of our kids together. He fell for me right away , I was too. Our road was indeed a bissy road raising blended family. Together we had a son, in September.2003. We have totally succeeded, we finally Married Aug. 7 , 2010. The best day of our lives. Our lives have changed alot being now four of the kids are teenager, which makes it intered and our youngest is 9. His oldest is 21, she is making us grandparents. Anew chapter of our lives!! We are so exited, baby will be born Aug.2013. We have 4 dogs, 3 cats. I also am a Support worker for people with disabilities, which brings it close to home. I love my job. My husband was working out on the rigs, but 15 days away and 5 at home. was realy tough on our family. He finaly got a job in our home town. I amplanning on saving all our money, mostly collect pop can to take our kids to disney world this April.