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Charlotte Epley
Name Charlotte Epley
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About Me I'm a 50 year old female with two older children ,ages 30 and 27years old,I have 4 grandchildren 3 boys and 1 grandaughter which I would of had 2 grandaughters but 1 past away in 2009 still born ,I'm in a relationship for now but I nevern know how how that will last after being together off and on with hin for 6 or 7 years so I never know with him ans I, anyhow I'm unenployed till I can get some kind of money coming in, which I'm praying it does, I need a miracle,
Charlotte Epley
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601 days ago

Ellen I really love your show ,my daughter and myself w at he's you just about very day and e love you show,would love to win on here th twelve days of Christmas and I would love o meet you I person it would be so neat,my family just loves you also .it would really be a pleasure to win the 12 day of Christmas and one day get to meet you and your crew it would be really neat

Charlotte Epley
Jessica Biel, and the 1st Day of 12 Days!
602 days ago

I would really love to be a part dof the 12 day give away,I love watching you Ellen .and the people on your show,,,,,,,,the way you have helped people and the dancing and fun you have had on your show, I been watching the show for a long time now,