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Charley ( Charlene ) Bartlett
Name Charley ( Charlene ) Bartlett
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Hobbies , scuba diving , swimming, meeting new people and volunteering for cystic fibrosis foundation, Children's Wish, Lung foundation , IWK Children's Hospital and SPCA
About Me I am a single mom to a cystic fibrosis 17 year old son. I am committed to finding a cure in my child's lifetime. We live life to the fullest .....
Charley ( Charlene ) Bartlett
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290 days ago

Love your Show Ellen . I am taking my cystic fibrosis son on a special trip this Christmas. He has lost 5 friends to cf this year alone . I find myself wondering how I would react to having a fatal illness and watching my friends succumb to the same disease that will ultimately claim his life as well.
All sadness aside, I am creating memories and fulfilling a dream on his bucket wish. We will be in Los Angeles Dec 23-27, 2013. We would both love to be in your audience. To see your show live ...
Where do I find tickets for December.
Thank you so much I advance
Charley and Jacob