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Charlene Smith
Name Charlene Smith
Location Saint Charles, Mo
Age 63
Joined 174 days ago
Hobbies Cooking, taking pictures, I really don't have many hobbies because of my health
About Me I try not to get down or depressed because of my health. I have had approximately 12 major surgeries in the last 13 years and a stroke a few years ago. Also I have fibromialga plus other ailments. As of today, I take 20 prescription medications, including 2 prescriptions of morphine for pain. However, I still smile and try to be happy for my great and loving husband and my precious 6 grandsons. My husband takes such good care of me all the time. He pitches in on everything that I cannot do, including heavy housework and laundry most of the time. Since my healthcare is so expensive, I can't take my grandsons to many places, but they don't complain. They just love being with me and I with them. They range in age from 18 years old down to 3 years old! They are my hobby! Sorry this was so long.
Charlene Smith
Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser
174 days ago

Happy Happy Birthday Ellen!!!!

You are the first celebrity I have ever sent a note to. I am soooo nervous, but you are such a special person. You are so giving, sincere and loving to everyone. And you are REAL! NOT FAKE! Please stay this way. You are heaven bound.

Now, the following is very hard to ask of you. Please ignore it if it sounds greedy and impossible. I have only flown a few times in my life, but, (if at all possible) and if you could spare a couple of tickets, I would appreciate it very much. I will find a some way to get there.
With much adoration and respect to you,

Charlene Smith
60 Skyline Dr.
Saint Charles, Mo. 63304

Charlene Smith
Win '12 Days' Tickets in Honor of Ellen's Birthday!
174 days ago

Happy Birthday!!!
I can't believe that on YOUR birthday you are givimg gifts away, instead of receiving gifts. I am sure you are getting beautiful gifts and if I had money to buy a gift fit for a queen, I would buy you a gift. Please, it truly is the thought that counts in my family.

I truly hope you have a wonderful day all day today!