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Chandra Mosley
Name Chandra Mosley
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Hobbies Write Poetry about life's struggles
About Me I am retired from the City of Los Angeles after 34 years of public service and safety. I currently tutor children in reading and writing. I also volunteer my services to revise resumes and coach interview tips for employment. I suffer from Lupus SLE and Sjogren's Syndrome but find laughter watching the Ellen show which helps my pain.
Chandra Mosley
A 12-Year-Old with a Golden Voice
149 days ago

OMG Ellen, how do you find these super talented kids! His voice is truly "golden"! I don't know him or his family however, Ellen, "Thank You" for giving little Mr. Cam Anthony a gift of exposure and drums to start a career in music.

Ellen, you are the best!

One day I want to come to your show!

Peace and Blessings~