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Celeste Snavely
Name Celeste Snavely
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Hobbies writing, poetry, walking, football (Niners), baseball(Giants) basketball (Kings) reading, yard work, wine
About Me There is not enough space here to tell you the story of my life, BUT, I was born in Roseville, CA, the third generation of my family. I was born in a car on the way to the hospital, hit the road running and haven't yet stopped at 80! In between, there have been 3 marriages and a 25 year return to the first. We sold off everything, bought a truck and a 5th wheel and spent the next 12 years visiting all 49 states. We scaled back when Norm got cancer, but after his recovery, we continued our love of the outdoors by voluteering at California State Parks for the next 10 years. I promised that he would not die in a hospital or "facility" so I took care of him until he passed away in September. I guess it's true that one never forgets their first love. In my case, it's a fact and I miss him. However, I have gone on with my life, attend a writing class, tutor in the Sacramento Reads program, fuss in the yard and exercise. I know, at this age, I am looking back more than forward, but I wouldn't change a thing. Love you and your show and hate it whan I have to be somewhere else. Keep up doin' what you're doin' make the world a better place. Love, Celeste Snavely
Celeste Snavely
Madonna and Her Dancers
406 days ago

but, but, but, but.................arghhhhhhhh! I had Monday's answer for the Koala thing and went in to answer it and you have the thing up for Tuesday already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Oh, me or my, and Australia was the ONLY thing I ever had on my "bucket list"!! Well, no, not really, I just wanted to make you feel bad for taking the first question off too soon! By the way, the answer was "Madonna's son"! So there!

Celeste Snavely
Message from Ellen
441 days ago

Ellen, I love you! You are the jewel in the bracelet of talk shows......and it seriously looks like talk shows will take the place of "housewives", susrvivors,"daring-do"
and the like. I am wondering, with all of your "theme" shows, why you don't do one on the geriatric army; you could use your Mom as "content director" and make a lot of us who are"gently aging" (HA) euphorically happy! After all, we are no longer able to attend the Mother's Day party (my baby is 60 years old!) and, as for Christmas shows, just one day of excitement could lay us out flat!!!

Love you and your compassionate and kind personna, stay as sweet as you are.

Celeste Snavely, Sacramento, CA