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Cecily Belfon
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Cecily Belfon
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585 days ago

Hi Ellen.
I was looking over the list of all the winners from the 12 days and I didn't see mine. I was wondering if your employee forgot to add it on the list. It's ok of they did I forgive them. just do forget to call me when it's time to give it out. Again my name is Cecily. Mygrand daughter sent a photo of her with the Ellen mask on.
Thanks again. Keep dancing Ellen you make a difference.

Cecily Belfon
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598 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I noticed your list of winners for the 12days is a little shorter than the past. I get the feeling if you add just a couple more, my name would appear...Just try it. Dig deep Ellen, Dig deep.

Also want to tell you to keep up the good work! You make me laugh everyday. Even though I'm not supposed to be watching TV at work (what they don't know won't hurt me)