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Name Cecilia
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Hobbies Antiquing. Reading. Camping
About Me Youngest of 15. Married. 2 daughters, 1 step-daughter. 5 Grandchildren. Parents and 6 siblings deceased. Love to antique, read, camp and dance. Use to enter dance contest with my brother and we usually won. Make the best Meatballs and I have been told by many. Had a Country Shop, but had to close due to illness that lasted 4 years. Had BOOP, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Open Heart Surgery (failed), Severe Osteoporosis (15 compression fractures in my back-4 fractured ribs) all at the same time. Adrenal glands shut down. Total Left Hip Replacement. Second Open Heart and my lungs collapsed. Blood clots in both legs. Iron transfusions. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Worked as an Office Manager for a Doctors office for 14 years. I started to get sick in January 2, 2008. My sister JoJo went into the hospital same day and died 2 days later. Two days after that, my Cocker Spaniel, Oliver Levi Winston Smith died. This was the beginning of 4 years of the worst nightmares and hell for one person to endure. I am a fighter and I have overcome the obstacles place before me. I still have some residuals from all of this, but I am 100% compare to what I was back then. In 2012 I started to feel like my self again. I remember asking my husband Ed, " how will I know when I am better? He would always say the same, "you will know", and he was right. I did. Ellen you have kept a smile on my face when all I wanted to do was go to sleep and never wake up. It was 4 years of pure fear and hell for everyone. Thank you for all that you do and for making people like me able to go on when times were so very hard. Love you.
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226 days ago

Hi Ellen. I am the 15th child in my family. My parents are deceased and so are 6 of my siblings. I was ill for 4 years and thought I wouldn't make it a couple of times, but I am a fighter and I am here. I am so thankful for your show. It was/is one of the best things in the morning when I was in bed unable to function. You kept a smile on my face then and still. I love you and thank you for being there for me.