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Cece James
Name Cece James
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Hobbies Artist, Designer, Piano and Guitar, all self-taught. Singing, dancing, laughing, helping others.
About Me Worked my way through college in Columbia, SC in banking. Graduated from USC 1984 with BS in Business Administation. Majored in Business, Finance, Marketing and French. After 20+ yrs marriage and living in Birmingham, AL, I moved back to my hometown of Columbia, SC last year..divorced now as of 1+ yrs. Have one son, Robert, almost 18-yrs-old...could only have one child..took me 4 yrs of infertility treatments to get him! :)) An artist and designer; tho currently not working..still trying to settle in. Single..starting a new life at life, try to keep positive! :))
Cece James
Thank You, BAND-AID®!
593 days ago

Hi Ellen, While viewing your show today, 12/7/12, I witnessed Tony helping the Sandy hurricane victims. Suddenly, a feeling was placed in my heart to assist people in need. (I'm a survivor of Hurricane Katrina and Ivan that came through Alabama yrs ago.) And, for some reason, I seem to have this need to help others, which I have done for the last 20+ yrs,..not touting my own horn..just something that I feel lead to do when certain people enter into my path of life.

I do not have money to donate, since my divorce after 20+ yrs(forgot how many' on..) difficult marriage, finalized in June 2011..another story. I returned to my native town of Columbia, South Carolina in Sept., 2011. I agreed to let my 17-yr-old son, only child, to stay in Birmingham, AL to finish HS there. He has so many friends, is involved in Church, School activities and has earned his Eagle Scout Award.

However, I DO HAVE TIME,(because i am not currently employed..another story,) energy and knowledge/experience with tools. I've refurbished and remodeled many homes.

I'm a former bank executive, artist and designer. I suppose because of this transition that I'm in (in my new life,) well, I need to find a purpose. So, If I can help others, that makes me happy.

If my son, Robert, could join me on this venture, that would be even better. He has a good heart. He is strong and has also volunteered his whole life to helping others in need. We are blessed. I am not able to see my son due to the distance and difficulties of divorce, uh..his father, mainly.. I miss my son, only child, very much.

Anyway, would love to help out with my time, love, energy, gifts and talents that have been bestowed upon me.

Thank you,

205-757-7791 (mobile)
4630 Arcadia Rd
Columbia, SC 29206