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Cathy Thormahlen
Name Cathy Thormahlen
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About Me I am a 49 year old Wife and Mother of 3, 2 still living, I work for Idaho Youth Ranch, a organization that helps troubled teens and families. I love Boxer Dogs and My family. though I have had many challenges, my philosophy is to keep on smiling and keep others smiling as well, sometimes humor is the only thing that gets me through!
Cathy Thormahlen
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231 days ago

Been watching you since your sitcom which was hilarious. I am writing in honor of my 16 year old son Casey. He is a Wonderful son who has been through a lot for his age. His heart is larger then life. At age 5 he dealt with the loss of a brother, he dealt with 3 foster children for a year that he did everything for, including spending his Christmas money on Christmas clothes for them. He had save nearly 1000.00 in his bank for his first vehicle and then gave it to his older sister because she was in need of it more then him, so he said. so, in our driveway sits a 1986 Chevy Silverado that we are trying to restore for him. We have invested every extra penny we have and just when we think we are done, something else goes wrong with this lemon. for all he is and all he has done at 16, I would love for this vehicle to get him back and forth to his first job. Much love to you and yours no matter what the outcome. Just keep making me laugh!