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Cathy Sheehan
Name Cathy Sheehan
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About Me Live with my husband of 41 years,have 3 daughters, 2 grandchildren, recently unemployed, sold family home,moved into apt. big adjustment, love to dance but can't, love people, am blessed
Cathy Sheehan
Exclusive! Ellen and Talia Talk Backstage
680 days ago


Dear Ellen;
First off, I love you, I love your show, and I’ve followed your career from the time of your sitcom era.
For many years I’ve dreamed of being in your audience (especially when you give away such awesome gifts). Lately though I’ve come to the realization that probably isn’t in the cards for me. That’s o.k. though; because subsequent to watching today’s show with the aspiring makeup artist Talia and listening to her story, I became conscious of why I don’t follow my dreams. Despite of the many hurdles she has already conquered in her young life this beautiful girl of thirteen already knows who she is and is following her dreams.

I’m in my sixties and have had at least twenty jobs over the years. I believe I’ve exhausted all my energy following bogus dreams. At onetime I was a very confident person who didn’t think twice about walking into the manager’s office of any big business and talk myself into a job that I definitely didn’t qualify for; I ran for politics twice and lost twice. I’ve even gone as far as to knock on the door of one of the richest and most powerful businessman in our city of 100,000 to solicit a donation for the charity I was employed with. I wrote two books but had no takers… etc.etc.

Talia taught me a lesson.

I used to imagine I was going to be a somebody. Tilia taught me to be acquainted with who I am and embrace it. I thought about her for the entire evening and then finally took an honest look at myself …I am a somebody after all.

Most of the time I tune-in to be entertained, Today I was educated. I want you to know that Ellen and to thank you and your guest.

This is the first day of the rest of my life and I intend to participate in it.

Thanks so very much,

A fan
Cathy Sheehan
St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

p.s. The powerful businessman make a hefty contribution to our charity..