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Cathy Sanchez
Name Cathy Sanchez
Joined 653 days ago
Hobbies Reading, watching Ellen. I used to love to dance and garden, I can't do either anymore.
About Me I am 52, I raised my two kids on my own. My son fought for our freedom and was injured in the process, thankfully he is home safe. My lovely daughter gave me three grandchildren, 2 are twins. Even though I am home on disability, I don't let it get me down. I love Xmas, I always have. I believe in miracles and think we can all help make them true for others. I give to charity when I can, but always to wounded warriors for helping me get to my son when he was injured. You only have one life make it count. Be kind to others, karma is a good thing, unless your bad.
Cathy Sanchez
Message from Ellen
451 days ago

Hi Ellen, I'm like so many of your other viewers. There aren't many things I don't like. I think what I like most was when you created know or go, and your most recent (I'm ashamed I don't know this one) the new game with the bunged. Who ever grabs the object first then the slam back hard. These make me laugh. But there are many moments I love that make me cry. Wen you've reached out to surprise and help those in need. I love the fact that you have a kind heart and it seems that many of your employees do too. No matter what's going on in my life through health, losing work and the loss of our beautiful home, I still have your show to help me forget.
I hate when they pre-empt your show I miss the good ones. And to those viewers who berated Jennifer Love for her dress, shame on them. She's working her knew show. Plenty of men have been on your show only in their under wear. Did you get as many people complaining? A boobs a boob, hers were just bigger.
Thank you for the help you give to people who need it, and for helping us all to remember to laugh and love one another.

Cathy Sanchez
Message From Ellen
653 days ago

Wow, reading all these notes. Times are tough for sure. I have always wanted to be the type of person you are Ellen. I could never give financially but I could give myself. My kids brought home friends, my daughter mostly. I think kids are the most innocent and need adults to help nurture them. There are a lot of bad parents out there, I don't even think they know they are bad. My daughter met a girl whose own mother kicked her out. So she could still go to school we let her love with us. I am glad we did, this girl has turned into an amazing woman. I am having tough financial times. I am out on disability, the short term disability has recently stopped. We have about 50 dollars in the bank which won't last. We are going to lose our house, but this doesn't bother me. What bothers me is not having money to eat or pay our bills. It won't be long until my dish is turned off and then I will not be able to watch you on tv anymore. I have had a back surgery and a knee replacement only to continue to have severe pain in both areas. I loved loved to dance and haven't since my kee surgery in dec 2010. Watching you and your audience I can imagine its me. We don't need much, just a bit to help with groceries and bills until my disability starts to come in. My husband has been out of work for 3 years, me working was helping us stay afloat. Oh and I also wanted to say while your doing the commercials for JCP don't forget about their photography studio. My daughter just had twins and took her 3 kids to the Antioch location and the manager there did a wonderful job. Thank you Ellen for helping me forget my pain for a few hours a week. Also I have a disco ball I would like to give you, I got it new for my 50th and never got to use it. Love you Ellen