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I am also a teacher at Arbor Vitae Woodruff School. Pennies play an important role in our town and our school. We are Arbor Vitae Woodruff Elementary school and we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 1953 Million Penny Parade that happened at our school. The million pennies helped fund the building of the first hospital in our area for a Doctor named Kate Newcomb.
Dr. Kate was featured on The Ralph Edwards Show "This is Your Life"
Pennies came from all over the country and world!
We are on a mission to repeat this awesome community service. The funds we raise will help support the Dr. Kate Museum in our community as well as a scholarship fund for AV-W graduates and other community based learning at our school through the Arbor Vitae Woodruff Education Foundation.
Our elementary school students are working hard to get the word out and we have even made a few videos to share our mission.
Now you know what to do with the pennies...send them our way..postage paid of course ;) or you could always hand deliver them! could help us reenact the Ralph Edwards Show on your set, it would be a blast,
and our students and community would love it!
Please visit or for more information.