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cathy mather
Name cathy mather
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Hobbies crochet, cooking, play cards or games
About Me I've been in the American Legion Auxiliary since I was 2. I send care packages to our troops all the time. I love making other people happy. I enjoy my godchildren but not as much as I would like to due to my health issues. I used to be the girl that was never home and if I was I always had other people home with me entertaining. It could be just talking or having a party. Around 4 years ago that all went south as I become very ill. After many test and many doctor appointments I found out I have sero negative autoimmune poly arthritis. This deals with Lupus and RA. Yeah, me...NOT. I'm still working but it's a struggle. I just want you to know that your show is the highlight of my day now, other than my family and friends. No matter how bad I'm feeling you make me laugh!! I can't say Thank You enough but I do Thank You!!!
cathy mather
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Wendy Williams
308 days ago

THANK YOU Ellen for always putting a smile on my face!!

I've been having some health issues for the last few years which made me stop working in April, 2013. (I hate not working.) I have watched you for years when I could but since I got sick I am a faithful watcher. My point is no matter how bad I feel, you and your crew always put a smile on my face! I enjoy watching you every day, even when it's a rerun and I've already seen it. I watch it again.

You and your crew do so much for so many people in this world. It makes me cry sometimes but they are happy tears.

Thank you again to you and your crew for making me smile each and every day I watch you!!!!!!!