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Cathy LaBrue
Name Cathy LaBrue
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Hobbies Loving my 2 girls and my 3 G-Kids. Still waiting for Mr. Wright since 1985. Fishing, camping, injoying Gods World. Gardening, canning from the garden, Photos, painting, takeing long drives on the back roads with the music up, hanging out with friends, watching Ellen.
About Me My G-Parents raised us starting @ the age of 11. I Marryed in 1981, then D Day came in 1985. Had 2 beauityfull girls. After that I pretty much took mens jobs, cause the pay was the best. In 1992 I recieved my License of Cosmetology. And then opened my own Beauty Shop. Wednesday's I would work at the Sale Barn, to bring in more money for the girls and I. In 1998 I was kicked buy a cow, messed up my back and neck. So I was forced to take easyer jobs. By 2004 I was asking for SSD and finally recieved it in 2007. At this time I see a pain manager for Musculoskeletal Imaging and Injections. (So Ellen, when you talk about your back or neck and Dancing I know what you mean) I have always LOVED to dance, didnt matter where! And singing, I get a body high from both of them. That just sends me into a place I fell like I belong. (Nothing Better!) My girls are grown and have thier own lifes. And me...sitting at the house waiting for the kids to come see me and going to many Doctors. But it is the Ellen show that helps me get up everyday. If you Ever need to give a car away, :-) I sure could use one. I'll take it! LOL! Needing a good one to get to the Doctors and back. Thank You! Everyone that works with the Ellen Show....<3
Cathy LaBrue
Ellen's Live Commercial for Crest White Strips
354 days ago

Ellen everyone should have a job as great as yours. This world would be a bighter place to be. Andy was great today also, that was the best advertisment I've seen on TV for sometime now. LOL! ! ! Such Fun :* I like Chocolate to Andy.