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A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Sophia Grace, Rosie and Selena Gomez!
465 days ago

I won't be watching again today- doesn't Ellen realize how annoying Sophia Grace and Rosie are? I love Selena Gomez but can't stand Sophia Grace so I won't be watching the show today at all. How many times do these girls have to be on the show? there's plenty of talented, well-behaved, normal kids to put on the show. My entire college dorm will be watching 'Friends' today instead of Ellen because these girls are on AGAIN. Another thing that's bothering me. As much as I love Ellen, why is she being allowed to have the 'underwear model' contest with the guys coming out in their underwear? If she (or any other talk show host) had WOMEN come out in their underwear, all kinds of groups would be protesting, and saying they're being exploited. Don't you thing it's a little ridiculous? It's offensive to have men exploited like this if you can't do the same thing to women. It's sexist and shouldn't be allowed. I'm kind of getting sick of how much she's getting away with.

Sophia Grace & Rosie, Kiefer Sutherland
537 days ago

I don't know why Ellen is so enthralled with Sophia Grace. She's really annoying, and there are so many other more talented kids out there, and some she's had on her show that she never brings back. She doesn't have anyone one her show as much as these girls. Anytime I see that they're going to be on, I don't watch that day. I'm sorry, I just can't watch them (and most of my college friends feel the same way). Sophia Grace is just too annoying.