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Cathryn Napier
Name Cathryn Napier
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Hobbies Camping, fishing, playing candy crush (ugh!LOL), board games w/my son, laughing, crocheting, making cookies.
About Me Cancer Survivor of Leukemia 20 yrs (8/18) thanks to my brother; have certificate in culinary arts and my AA degree. Now unemployed (boo hoo!), but spend good times w/my son and I also get to substitute when they call me. I have been married for going on 18 yrs now (phew) and enjoy my 'time-out' time. Have dream to go on Alaska Cruise and a puppy (Shichon) -- but still need to work on my husband to make my dreams come true! (LOL!!)I also love watching Ellen cause she makes me laugh and after my mom (my best friend) passed I needed laughter and Ellen brought it to me. I enjoy traveling and learning new things.
Cathryn Napier
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429 days ago

how cool would it to be shop 1st hand instead of thrift store buying! I would love it. Then maybe my best friend will stop calling me frumpy.