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Cathie in Eastern Idaho
Name Cathie in Eastern Idaho
Location Salmon, Idaho
Age 64
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Hobbies Flyfishing
About Me Retired, Flyfishing, Love Animals, Have rescued maltese, old corgi, old St Bernard, two rescued cats. One rescued 35 year old mule out in the pasture. Husband that is retired and loves to flyfish and wants so bad to go to Alaska.
Cathie in Eastern Idaho
Bethenny's Tips for the New Year
561 days ago

I was married 24 years to an Air Force man and travelled and lived all over the world, raised two children (adopting one of them from the Philipines) and my husband walked into the house from one of his remote tours very drunk and said we are all getting divorced, I have met a woman in the Air Force 4 years older than our daughter. I'll be back in 6 months to drive you all wherever you are going to settle down. See you. Out the door he went. I understand what she feels. Give yourself time, cry, and guess what? I met that man 4 years later that taught me to fly fish; he understands my feelings, he actually likes me and all the stuff I like. He is a retired Navy man and has lived all over the world too. It is amazing who is out there for you. My divorce took place in 1990. I met the new man in 1994. Look what year it is now! Wow, huh??