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Catherine Legier-Gwynn
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About Me Went back to college and graduated with honors on my AA degree. Continuing with my BA degree at 53 and when I finish that, going for my MBA. What is truly neat is my husband, Mark, went back to school at the age of 53 (he is now 57).
Catherine Legier-Gwynn
Cooper, Maxie and the Seahawks
179 days ago

Dearest Ellen:

I truly have to commend you for the wonderful things that you do for families in need. Not just for humans but for the animals too. I have been a cross-poster on Facebook since it started way back when and even before.

My husband, Mark and I lost our home Feb 24, 2013 to a house-fire. We had six cats (Karl, Sampson, LePew, Maggie, Butterscotch and baby Bella) - all six of our babies died that evening from toxic smoke inhalation. Fortunately, we were able to save our two dogs (Eukalinkabis "Euki" and Mr. Biggs).

No matter how bad things were in our house financially, I always ended up bringing strays home. Our neighbors always said, "Take them to Catherine's house - she takes strays in". Animals (dogs, cats, and yes all others) do not ask to come into our homes and then put out like yesterday's garbage, so I take them, vet them and give as much love as possible - they are my kids (I cannot have 2-legged, so 4-legged are the 2-legged for us).

I watch Pitbulls and Paroles that started in San Bernardino CA and they were "pushed" out after so much good that they have done for the community and California. Thank God they were received with loving arms to New Orleans "The New City of Love".

What I am getting at is this.....unfortunately I cannot take in anymore animals (we live in a 5th wheel trailer that still houses my husband, Mark, Euki and Mr. Biggs and we adopted at Christmas: Sampson II and Stella, our two new cats). Anyway, if there is any way that you could get people to Pay IT Forward to Tia Torres and her organization Pitbulls and Parolees, I beg of you to make the world know of the good that Tia and her family does for the most misunderstood dog - the Pitbull. My motto: It is not the dog that is agressive and mean, it is the people that train them that way. The dog already has it bred into their genetic makeup - all they want is unconditional love - just like they give to us.

Thank you for listening to my plea. You are extremely loved by all that watch and know you. God has a special place for people like you Ellen and I truly hope that someday whether it is Earthbound or Heaven, that someday all animal abuse will end and all animals are loved like you.