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About Me self chose to stop being registered nurse at this time for I am just to blue and have too much pain in my heart. Philomena movie and Magdalene Sisters Movie put me over the edge. I live in deceased partners mobile home with her little dog and my other 3 dogs and I just want to laugh and live again. Just letting you know the truth. Philomena and me being a survivor of that and knowing it still goes on In Ireland breaks my heart and the feelings of abandonment continue on more now than ever. Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Keep spreading the love for me anyway. For I have run out of gas. Hugs--Cathy Deasy
catherine deasy
Ben Stiller, Steve Coogan
237 days ago

Dear Ellen;
I love your show it brings me laughter and joy all the time. But today's show just made me cry.
Your guest Steve Coggan star in Philomena made light of a very serious subject that breaks my heart.
I am a living victim of a birth mom who was locked up in Ireland for 40 years for being pregnant with me. She presented at Bessboro Cork Ireland convent called (mother-baby home) in 1953 and delivered me in April of 1954. I was stripped from her womb and sent to adjoining building with many other babies and we lived there separated from our birth moms.
My birth mom was caught late at night putting baby booties on me in nursery area and punished severely and transferred to Magdalene Laundries miles away from me where she worked her self according to nuns "to repent for her sins" and was never to see me again!!
I was later flown out of Ireland at age 4 and half to be adopted via mail order by an awaiting adopted family in New York City.
The abandonment issues last a life time. I was one of the lucky ones. For despite the lies and walls I had to break down to find my birth mom for over 20 years was horrific. The self loathing of not feeling wanted for over half my life as my birth mom felt also has been horrific. But I was reunited with my birth mom in 2002. I went back to Ireland and had tea and biscuits with her and all she did was cry as I tried to remain strong and assure her I would not go away again and I would remain in her life. I had 7 years with her. Flying back and forth over 14 times to see her and visit and find out what happened to me. What was my health history. Do I have a birth certificate. Many questions were answered. My birth mom died October 2009. I still feel the loss. I just returned from Ireland and visited with all my cousins but my heart is still hurt and I feel like a lost soul.
Philomena Lee the subject of this movie left out many facts. Philomena is a wonderful movie but I unfortunately saw it in Ireland 4 weeks ago with no support and am still crying and very depressed.
Dame Judith Dench met Philomena Lee and was moved by her story and most definitely wanted to represent her respectfully in this movie and the two woman have developed a friendship now and see each other in England often.
Steven Coogan could of told you the true story of the heartbreaking TRUE story of Philomena Lee and her search for her son but he chose to be full of laughter and do comedic skit of his impersonations of other actors. I was not amused.
Philomena was pregnant with son Anthony at Sean Ross Abbey Ireland mother baby home. She got to see Anthony for 1 hour a day and then when he was about my age 4 years old was sold by nuns to USA family without her consent. Philomena was then released and moved to England. Heartbreaking all around.
Ellen even if you read book you do not get the truth. But talk to Philomena or many of us what we are called "banished babies" and you will know the truth. For that is what you are all about! The truth.
My birth mom worked in the laundries 6 days a week no pay--no talking-hardly fed-never got to see the outside of those big brick walls with twisted iron wires around the whole complex. It was horrible for her.
Many mothers and babies/children who died on grounds of Good Shepard Home were buried in one mass grave. Unlike the wonderful one grave for her Anthony.
That was done for he had a loving and compassionate partner.
I could go on--but I won't--its too painful.
Ellen do what you will with this post but I will continue to cry and probably die like my birth mom a very lonely broken hearted woman.
I have had my joys but I know--since seeing Philomena have fallen apart!! Holidays I can't do it!! The loss of my partner of 28 years 12 days before my birth mom in 2009 have sent me thinking now of all the losses and all the loves lost.
I am a very giving loving wonderful person--but I have run out of love and have handed in my registered nurse career to just sit here with my dogs and I don't know what is ahead for me.
I live in a mobile home that my partner left me along with her cute little dog. Now I take care of 4 dogs and I am out of gas. I am worn out and don't know where to turn.
Just wanted to tell you though that today's show did not bring a smile to my face for Steve Coogan was self centered and forgot to mention that many (thousands) of us banished babies (now grown) and many mothers looking for there children still goes on today. I feel so sad--so empty. Happy Holidays Ellen to you and your family.
I just wanted to express the truth of all the Philomena's out there still today and about all of us grown up children still searching and crying over the losses we have lived with for many many years.
Sincerely---Catherine Deasy (954)596-8083