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Catherine Lyons
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Catherine Lyons
Caption This! Cat-astrophe
388 days ago

"Like Lays Potato Chips - you can't stop with just one two ply!"

Catherine Lyons
Quote of the Day: Be Kind
494 days ago

Why don't we ever see someone really struggling with the economy - i.e. - on food stamps, eviction notices, minorities that are trying to keep things together. Like me. I lost my job in April that I had for 11 years, someone smashed into my car...totaled it - no car insurance. Struggling on unemployment, living in an apartment for 20 years and they won't fix anything, carpet is dead, white paint has now turned yellow, tile coming up in the bathroom, green avocado colored oven vent that doesn't work, kitchen floor that is cracking between the seams - have to cover it up with rugs. Living unemployment check to unemployment check. Help. Not getting any responses from employers, probably because of my age 54 (ewww). Let's see someone really struggling.
Bless you for all you do for everyone.