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caterina gustke
Name caterina gustke
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caterina gustke
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582 days ago

dear Ellen we all love you.
I would like to share a story with you.My Name is Caterina and i hade ones again a Interview.I been unemployed like many many Peoble.I had a Interview 141.9 Miles away from where I live.Well first I thought that is a long way but it is a Chance but then hmm do I have eneogh Gas? Well I took this chance put the Direction in my Phone "i am bad with directions" and took at 5:45 Am of.My Interview was at 10 AM.I like to arive early.But did not expect to be there at 8:50 AM.Well I went in the building i have been told that i have to wait one Person is in front of me.Well by 11:15 AM i was done with everythink and went on my way Home.Lokking at my Phone and find out that the Batterie on my Phone had only 15% left.Well well no Phone charger in my Car no Money for that.Ad for what.But this time I thought i wish I had one.Going down the Road I realized 100 Miles away from Home my Gas Tank dont look so god either I am getting alittle low on Gas.But I will make it.So in my Head is it going true no Phone and low on Gas.What else can get wrong.Road construction waiting more Gas goes true the Pipe.Nothing around me but Fields still 60 Miles to go.But when I saw Houses i feelt better.And there was the sign from my Home city but still 30 Miles away.I was hopping and praying please let me make it Home my Daughter 11 Years old will wait on me.But guess what Ellen I made it in to my Driveway and the Needle on my Gas Tank was on empty.The warninglight came on 12 Miles befor i rolled in my Driveway.Wau I mede it in one piece Home just befor my Daughter got of the Schoolbus.Well and know we waiting to hear from my Interview what want happen until next Year.Well I thought that was a very exciding Trip.Hopping i get this Job.Love you

caterina gustke
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584 days ago

Dear Ellen
I have to tell you your dancing Misseltoe is the cuttest think i ever have see.Firts I did not recognice what is was but my 11 Year old Daughter sayd Mom that is a Misseltoe.I love seeing you dance but then i can't wait until you Misseltoe comes out.You making a lots of Peoble happy keep going. We love you

caterina gustke
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587 days ago

Dear Ellen how is it possible that some one can walk in to a Elemantary school and start shooting.It is so devastating for all the parents.It is a very sad Day for every one in this Town My Heart is with them.I have a 11 Year old daughter and i can not amaging what the Peoble going true.I am very emotional to many bad think is taking Place every Day.You are so amazing to do all the nice Thinks for all this Peoble.My Prayers going to this Peoble we love you Ellen I do go true some bad times to unemployed 50 Years old but what this Peoble going true is outrages.

caterina gustke
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590 days ago

Hello ellen it is allways a pleasure to watch your daily show.You helping so many peoble in need god bless you for that.