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Cat Musslewhite
Name Cat Musslewhite
Location San Antonio, Texas
Age 56
Joined 591 days ago
Hobbies music, drums, vocals, mixing new renditions of club dance artist. Orginal dance songs.
About Me Check out profile. Ellen, I hsd a horrible car accident on 10/11/12. I broke my left arm and fractured my right hand in two places w/ two broken fingers. Have had 2 surgeries, I pray some day I will play my drums again. Please pray for me. xoxox cat
Cat Musslewhite
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591 days ago

HI Ellen, sure wish I could figure out how to enter the 12 days of Christmas Give away. If any one there happens to come across this comment can you please help me, it would really be appreciated and awesome!!!! xoxoxo Cat Musslewhite