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Cousins on Call Renovation Revealed!
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My dad is a pittsburgh firefighter who loves helping out stray cats in need. Aside from saving human lives throughout the streets of pittsburgh, saving cat's lives is equally as important. He takes care of multiple colonies of homeless cats in suppressed neighborhoods of pittsburgh all by himself, assuring that every cat is fed everyday, has a warm place to sleep, whether it be in a house that he made for them or an abandoned garage, and that every cat is spayed or neutered. He does so much for everyone else, and leaves little time for himself. I would love to surprise him with cousins on call so that we could make our home more cat friendly, especially because after surgery, he brings the cats to our house until they recover. It would mean the world to him and our family, and most of all to all of the cats in need. Please help Ellen! You're a true inspiration and can make all things possible!!!!