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Cat Dawson
Name Cat Dawson
Location Beamsville , Ontario Canada
Age 45
Joined 221 days ago
Hobbies Baking ,volunteering , feeding the homeless ,
About Me I'm a single mom of a 21&22 yr old young adults. My son steve is 21 and my daughter Carllie is 22. I have MS and have had it for 10 yrs. I also am a survivor of PTSD from a bad domestic abuse situation . I am recently just moved into our home after being homeless for over 3 years due to arson at our home from my ex husband. I am a woman that believes I will be ok. I have my family and my friends . I am learning to be strong
Cat Dawson
It's Day 8 of 12 Days!
221 days ago

I think that the people that have the chance to win 12 days of giveaways from Ellen. She count their blessings. So many hope to win and so many pay it forward when they win.
So many less fortunate have been touched my Ellen's generous heart.
I believe that Ellen is a angel walking here on earth. She makes us laughs he makes us cry and smile! All in one show.if I could have any wish granted it would be for me to tell Ellen how much she's affected my life. I was on a negative Path and didn't see why I should want to help anyone. Now for the last 10 years I give back I do anything I can to make people smile. To help someone out just for the feeling of gratitude is amazing. Thanks Ellen, you really gave me my Christmas gift this year. And it's too spend as much time as I can helping others. Love your number one fan Cat Dawson