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cassandra tuttle
Name cassandra tuttle
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Hobbies volunteer, read, gardening
About Me I am going to be first time granma in May and I can''t wait. I volunteer at our local food pantry. We are preparing to feed a 100 families for christmas.
cassandra tuttle
Justin Timberlake Record Party
211 days ago

I was wondering the same thing where is today's yule entry for Justin, i don not see it either? anyone know

cassandra tuttle
It's a 12 Days Bonus Day!
218 days ago

i dont see the 12th day winners posted or todays winners either.

cassandra tuttle
Win Day 11 of 12 Days!
222 days ago

Ellen your show gives me laughter everyday, good or bad. My son Alex spent 50 days in-patient after a tumor was removed from his jaw. The next morning after surgery, Alex had complications. He went in to respetory arrest. My husband and I took turns and never left his sight. I would love nothing more to win one your days for our family, they so deserve a great Christmas. We have about twenty thousand dollars in medical bills and copays. I hope that you and your family have a great Holiday.
God Bless

cassandra tuttle
Win Day 10 of 12 Days!
223 days ago

Again I think today was a third winner in California in ten days. Will I ever win

cassandra tuttle
Win Day 10 of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
224 days ago

I love this show, i look forward to ellen dancing everyday. Wow its hard to win one of the days on her show. I have tried every way I can to win for the third year in a row. I noticed that there are not very many California winners. God Bless and good luck to all, three more days.

cassandra tuttle
Win Day 6 of 12 Days!
228 days ago

Ellen We love your show, we watch it every day. Today Tyler Perry is so funny. You have the best job. I have been trying to get on your show for three years and have tried to win the twelve days also. You are the best