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Sabrina Fair
Quote of the Day: Birthday Perspective
473 days ago

Forty is the new Thirty.. just like 39 is the new 29! I totally dig that.. :-)
Heidi Klum is amazingly beautiful..

Sabrina Fair
Colin Farrell, Steve Spangler
474 days ago

That bit with Colin Farrell was hi.lar.ious!! I just want to pinch his .... cheeks!! lol.
I just recently viewed this clip.. like .. today 4/11/2013. I must say.. he is one dangerously good looking man.
Ellen, you are absolutely, ridiculously funny and I. love. you!
I would really love, love, love to visit your set.. when Colin Farrell is there of course!!
I'm joking about Colin Farrell.. but not really. lol!!
Keep up the great work!!! xoxoxo's