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196 days ago

Hi Ellen. I sent you an email the other day & the first sentence was " Say a Prayer for "Happy". About my father "Happy"about what he has been going through& now is Recently facing. I won't go back into the details about my email to you, I just wanted to let you know I sent it on my husbands computer so I had to use his email address, but if you do get a chance to read it & if you would like to respond you can email my husbands email address back &/or my my email address now that you have it. Or, like I had said in the email, if you could just "say a prayer for "Happy"(my father) that would be great. :) & I also want to add, I absolutely LOVE your show& so does my 6month old daughter. She gets so excited when you dance, she giggles & kicks her feet like she's trying to dance in her swing with you:) & its a good thing she loves you to because, besides your show, the little tv watching that I do get consists of "The Mickey Mouse Club House" & "Doc. McStuffins" :) which are really great shows but its nice to view some adult shows once in a while :) I record your episodes when I can't watch them on their regular time & I just have to say, I look forward to viewing them bc I know, no matter what is going on in my life, when I watch your show I laugh, become inspired & feel happy :) so thank you for that :) God Bless :).