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Name Cary
Location statesville, nc
Age 24
Joined 523 days ago
Hobbies being extremly silly, writing poetry, watching wrestling, listening to all kinds of music, acting, hanging out with people who have a good sense of humor, playing a video game every now and then, etc.
About Me My name is Cary Williams. I am 23 years old and i am from ....well ive already listed that in one of the boxes above so....umm lets see i am a very down to earth guy who just likes to enjoy life and induldge(think thats how you spell it) in a good laugh or two while im enjoying this life of mine..I love being random...buying random things and doing random things(yeah i know sounds weird but its quite normal i think)..My dream is to become a successful and well known actor. I know deep down in my heart that its gonna happen one day because i have the talent and the will tgo always feel like i need to put on a show no matter were i am..I want be known all around the world as a funny guy who is always in the mood for laughter and excitment..I work at the goodwill retail store down in statesville and i enjoy it so much...being able to help people inside and outside of the store is something i will always enjoy doing..ummm favorite color is blue because its a cool color, dogs name is samson(not sure what kind of dog he is but he is a dog i know that for sure haha, fav food is pizza, i dont drink or smoke, have a habit of being "extra" as many times as i can during the day....ok well fingers are getting tired so im gonna just stop before i get some kinda nasty cramp...haha
Taylor Swift Bugs Out
520 days ago

i would of dove in the floor and then got up and ran into the crowd and hid behind someone with alot of hair....not because i was scared but just to put on a show haha

Ellen Shoots Some Hoops!
520 days ago

I could do that with one hand tied behind my back.....Well not really...actually i need to be facing the goal...right in front of it to be exact...oh and maybe a few practice shots...yep thats allllll i need

Three Beggars
523 days ago

The baby is probably like if i stick with them then maybe ill get some real food instead of that nasty baby food