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Carrie Moyer
Name Carrie Moyer
Location Escondido, California
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Hobbies gardening, cooking, mentoring youth
About Me My name is Carrie. I am currently unemployed and therefor have enjoyed watching Ellen alot. I am so thrilled to hear of all the great things happening for people through you show! Last year I finally got the courage to leave a very controlling...almost abusive marriage and moved away in order to heal. I did not handle it well though and my sons both live near/with their father. My eldest son blames me for leaving his father but is slowly coming around. When I moved away I was certain I would soon find work and be able to fly them down or go up and visit often. I have not been able to do so. I'm gratefull for the care and friendship of a few wonderful people but it hurts so that I left my sons. They are coming for Christmas....hoorah! But I currently have no funds to buy them any gifts. I love them so and want them to have a great Christmas to help make up for the fact that I'm not near them. Anyway...I'm a seasoned professional and gratefull for many blessings...I'm sure soon I'll find employment again and be able to contribute to their lives and the community again! Thanks
Carrie Moyer
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585 days ago

Thank you...even if you don't end up helping me...watching all the ways you help so many gives me hope! Thank you for all you do!

IF...since I'm here...IF you know of any way to help me get my son a scholarship to a culinary program for fall 2013 I would love the advice. His dad insists that the only option is a community college program and Cam has a very hard time with school due to disability. He's just shy of brilliant, already a creative chef...but has a reading disability and ADD. Science classes arent' going to keep him motivated and I"m just not able to help.

Anyway...crying now...but watching your gifts to others and it makes me happy. Warmly, Carrie

Carrie Moyer
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585 days ago

Please? Need help with gifts...please?