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Carolyn Van Hosen
Name Carolyn Van Hosen
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Hobbies Art, dogs!, interior design, travel, food & baking, music, films, literature, gardening, being creative in many areas...
About Me An artist by passion and trade, I love painting, from dogs to Longhorn Texan steers (a recent, big - in both senses of the word - project), to abstracts to landscapes, here in O.C. I share two amazing dogs, with my sweet husband; we work hard, try to squeeze in fun and laughs and love spending time together and with friends & family.
Carolyn Van Hosen
Support Indy the Dog
252 days ago

The level of cruelty done to Indy is incomprehensible. If we had the means, my husband and I would start an entire rescue ranch, where any & all that need & deserve love, compassion and a wonderful life, especially beloved dogs, would be able to live & thrive. God bless all those angels who rescue and all those dogs who benefit, returning so much in the way of love & joy!!