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carolyn Edmiston
Name carolyn Edmiston
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Hobbies Music Bass Guitar. sewing, children, getting fit before I am 50tlol...
About Me I am a stay @home mother of a 12 and 13teen year old children. I have a son that is 12 and a daughter that is 13teen. My husband is a music Teacher@ Rio Mase High School here in Oxnard. He has band , jazz, vocal and piano and many more class. Our day starts out at 6am and dose not end at time till 10pm. I am his help with some of his classes. I do not get pad, but work hard with the kids as well. We are a team. It is hard having so many children in our life, but the joy in helping all of them to get where they our going is my pay. I do PTA and student counsel for my two children's school. This year I have had a brain tumor and a little of, but I am working though it. I just love life and keeping an open mind . I enjoy Ellen, because she make me have a smile on my face every time I watch her show. I wrote in saying I watch her show on channel and knowing I watch it on there is my brain for Thanks MRSE