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Carolyn Coffey
Name Carolyn Coffey
Location Lewisville, Ohio
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About Me Carl and I are retired steelworkers of 30 years. Carl loves to work in wood and I tinker with decorating during the holidays. We love fishing and being with our family and friends. And most of all we love watching your show.
Carolyn Coffey
A Hilarious Cat and a 'Jeopardy' Flub
186 days ago

Loved the cat and love your show very much. One day I will make it out there and get to see you in person. Until then I will just keep watching you on tv.

Carolyn Coffey
See All the Winners of Day 10 of 12 Days!
218 days ago

Ellen where do we send our Christmas card fronts to? I have some from a few years back until now. Love your show as always and would love to win one of the days of Christmas. Carolyn

Carolyn Coffey
It's Day 9 of 12 Days!
220 days ago

Loved the show today. G was just as good looking as on NCIS-LA today. Loved it when the lady went into the Christmas tree hope she didn't get hurt though. I keep watching to see if my name is in the list of winners but no luck yet. Hoping it will show up on one of the days left. Love your show as always and will keep watching no matter what. Carolyn

Carolyn Coffey
Carter the Snowman
224 days ago

Ellen your show today was great. I love seeing kids standing up for someone who is being picked on at school or anywhere else. Please tell Danny he is a great dancer and to keep smiling for he has a beautiful smile. Carolyn

Carolyn Coffey
Tom Hanks Gets a Special Honor
226 days ago

Ellen I just love your shows. You have the greatest people on your show. I would just once love to in something and maybe it will be one of your 12 days of Christmas. I told you about the children of the Ormet workers. One family was really hit hard wen her husband finely got recalled back to work and then hey lay 1000 people off. The mother was arrested for stealing baby food for her baby. Officer Richard Barnet of Paden City, WV. was called to the Tasty Freeze and after he talked to the mother and found out why he went in and talked to the manager and paid for the food. You do not find very many people around to do that. You can probably fine out more from the Paden City Police department. But I hope you keep doing what you are doing Ellen and make people smile and forget their problems for an hour. Love you Ellen. Carolyn

Carolyn Coffey
Win Day 4 of 12 Days
227 days ago

Ellen your show today was great I think all the gifts are very good and would love to win them and give them to the kids who will not get much this year for Christmas since their dad or mom is without a job due to the plant they worked at laid them off and is in chapter 11. It would be so nice to see their eyes light up to see such great gifts under their Christmas tree this year. I hope you and your family have a great day and we can't wait to see you tomorrow. Carolyn

Carolyn Coffey
Jake Gyllenhaal's Hand Injury
228 days ago

Ellen we love you and your show. Carl and I watch you every day and laugh our butts off at some of the thing you and your guest do during the show. I would love just one day to come out and see you and your show in person. I got to get off here so I can watch your show. Hope you draw my name out just once so I can say I won something n my life time. We love you and your show very much. Carolyn Coffey

Carolyn Coffey
Hayden Panettiere's Animal Noises
232 days ago

Ellen I know you do so much for people around the USA. I know of a 1000 families that are unsure of their Christmas this year. The plant where I retired from has all but closed there doors due to the price it cost to make aluminum. The plant filed for bankruptcy and asked the power company AEP if they could help by lowering the price for a year to help them out they lowered it $10 per kw but that still left them paying more than any other plant around. We have children that will get very little this year for Christmas. So could you just say a little prayer or something so that they can maybe keep the plant open for all those families. Most of them have worked there for 20 - 40 plus years and are getting to old to start all over. If you want to learn more you can go to a web sight and you can learn more. Thank you for listening to me on their behalf. And we will be watching you tonight at 4pm Ohio time. cAROLYN

Carolyn Coffey
Day 1 of 12 Days, and Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine!
233 days ago

We love your shows. We stop everything we are doing and sit and watch your show. You do so much good for the people all over the USA. You give to the ones who need it and deserve it. You also recognize the ones who do good deeds. Will be watching you tomorrow night and every night. Love your 12 days of give away would love to be there but can't afford to come there from Ohio. So I will keep watching you from here.