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Carolyn Cardenas
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About Me I am 45, married, have 3 children...Joseph 20, Kayla 16 and Leilani 12. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005 and unable to move freely without constant pain. Due to my condition and an enlarged heart, I had to give up my business in 2007. I was confined to my bed most of the time, depressed, stiff, swollen and in constant pain. I was told I would never work again and after years of pain and various medications for treatment, I have learned to adapt, know my limitations and stay clear of the things that trigger my pain. My heart is back to it's normal size and with regular health check-ups I am now working on my Real Estate License in hopes to soon return back to work full time. I am a Mentor/Learning Coach for my 16yr old through K12 Calfornia Virtual Academies and through past personal experiences can help my husband cope with his pain and prepare for what lies ahead after his surgery. I have come a long way and believe we can both re-align our goals and learn to live happy successful lives despite what we have endured. I thank God everyday for giving me 3 great children a patient & loving husband and the strength to keep on going... I believe that anything is possible if you never give up!
Carolyn Cardenas
Jamie Foxx, One Direction
586 days ago

Dear Ellen,

My daughter Leilani is a "Directioner" and lives for the group. She and her girlfriends facetime daily and they're the main topic of almost every conversation she has, I have never seen her so devoted to anything as with "One Direction" her dedication to them is so deep that she won't even use a spoon anymore. In our house if your not a "Directioner" your oblivious to her and might as well be invisible... She even has her school teachers hooked... In English the teacher gave her a list of questions on the group and with her answers created a crossword puzzle that was passed out as an assignment for extra credit. I never knew what fan-girling really was until her brother bought her their DVD last year... she was screaming and crying so loud... I thought she broke her leg dancing to the kinect or something, and almost fell down the stairs trying to get to her... she couldn't even talk she was so emotional...I kep't asking what happenned, but she couldn't answer... Then her brother pointed to the TV., she fan-girled that whole day! I remember thinking the neighbors were gonna call the cops on us cause I know they could hear her screaming, so I ran around making sure all the windows were closed then walked outside to catch my breath...I really went out front so the neighbors could see I wasn't beating my kid..(lol.) It's funny now, but her screaming made my B/P go off the charts that day! We wanted to get her tickets to see them, but they were sold out and we couldn't afford to pre-order them last year. It's been tough lately, with me trying to find work, my husband off work with a back injury awaiting surgery. My girls have had to miss out on alot of things because of our situation and they haven't asked us for anything cause they know money has been really tight. They babysit and help around the neighborhood to earn money so they can buy the little things they need & buy gifts for others.. They always think of others before themselves...instead of buying fast food, they'll stop and give their money to someone in need... They don't expect much and ask for very little... But,... if ever I could give them something special, it would be the chance to see One Direction or Justin Bieber live in concert. If any tickets come available again, I would love the opportunity to make my daughters dream come true... Carolyn Cardenas Alvarez (