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Ellen Checks in on Pres. Barack Obama
131 days ago

All of this disdain directed at Obama is ALL about RACISM and we ALL KNOW IT!!! This criticism of Obama is sad & sick and these hateful people are SO BLINDED by THEIR HATRED they forget about REALITY and are enemies of their selves', their like mental suicide bombers bent on self destruction by killing and maiming innocent people because their own self indulgent IGNORANCE; and all that HYPOCRITICAL BIBLE THUMPING is BULLS#!T these people don't even PRACTICE what they preach, so WHO IS THE REAL SINNER; APPARENTLY THESE PEOPLE WHO DON'T PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH. EVERYBODY DOESN'T BELIEVE IN FABRICATED OR MISCONSTRUED STORIES WRITTEN TO CONTROL THE MINDS OF PEOPLE SOME OF US HAVE WOKEN UP AND HAVE LET FACTS GUIDE US NOT BELIEFS!!! BELIEFS ONLY WORK FOR THE GOOD NOT THE WICKED; NOW PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!!!