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carole schorr
Name carole schorr
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About Me I was an elementary school teacher who went into entertainment management- My kindergarten student was my first client- I loved my new career so I stopped teaching and I have been managing now for 30 years...
carole schorr
Message from Ellen
169 days ago

My dear Ellen,
You are a blessing- You are such a positive person- You don't try and push your political views on your audiences- you give us your great sense of humor, and if everyone would look to you as an example of how we could all get along- let others believe what they want- have humor- and help others- what a better America it would be... i love you and what you share with us all.

carole schorr
Ellen's Got Birthday Gifts!
171 days ago

Love Ellen - Love the show- Would really love to win a prize but it takes me forever to try and find where I can find out how to do it!!!

I saw Ellen going to the theaters on the corner or Laurel Canyon and Sunset- That was probably 20 some years ago so I might not have the correct street- I had only seen Ellen on TV once at that time- then her career really took off and I was so thrilled for her. I am a straight 77 years old woman- who had to leave L.A. to find a less expensive place to live... I sure do miss L.A. My sons live else where so I am a little lonely but trying to make the best of my life...