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Carolann Dunn
Name Carolann Dunn
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Hobbies The Arts, but most of my life has been dedicated to being an advocate for the elderly, children and, of course, all of the wonderful dogs looking for good homes. Just can't beat unconditional love!
Carolann Dunn
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577 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I am so happy to be a part of your extended family. You see a few years ago my family asked me not to call again. I was and am heart broken. I needed their help but became homeless for 8 days......seemed like the longest eight days ever. My Father passed in 1975 and my Mother in 1996. My brother was never really a brother so my cousins became my family. I was the oldest girl in the family and then.....there were 7 more girls and I became the "big sister", baby sitter and as time went on there were more girls there were 5 more girls and 3 boys.

Christmas to me was always about the children and so the very first Christmas party of each year was the "Children's Christmas" at "Auntie Carol's" house.......children only including my "Canine Kids" in their dog suits. We had so many wonderful times.......they were my Christmas Joy. I moved from Boston to San Diego at the ripe age of 55 to work with dogs and help the high risk shelters working through "BichonFurDogs" and as a few years passed my health failed and I returned to Massachusetts with 3 little "Canine Kids". I rented a furnished cottage near Cape Cod until I could find an affordable place to live. Now I live in Senior & Disabled Housing with just one Canine Kid...Bailey. I found great homes for Annie & Ginger but I miss them terribly. You see they only allow one pet here and I understand. They have rules and I have to follow them.

When I was part of a Family I believed that I always would...that family stuck together no matter what. I never had a big sister to watch over me and I took care of Dad and when my Mom was ill for 18 years I put myself through college graduating with honors and then went on to study Canine Studies which was my true passion, worked as an Assistant Director of Continuing Legal Education at a Boston law school for 10 years. My Mom had several health issues and many forced people away. I can't deny it did'nt take a toll on me relationship wise so I never married. you always say....I wanted to thank you for giving me hope, friendship and loads of laughter. People who are in your life are so blessed to have you. I send you, Porche, Mom & all you beautiful dogs and cats Hugs & Happiness during the Holidays and every day throughout the year.

God Bless You, Ellen!

Your Fan in Friendship,

Carolann & Bailey Boy Dunn

Carolann Dunn
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666 days ago

Hi Ellen!

I wanted to let you know that your Mom is in my prayers. The best medicine for her does not need a prescription because it is you! Your love for her always warms my heart. She is so darn sweet please let her know she is loved more than she knows by so many.

Thanks for all you do!